The Futility of Talking about Time from the Perspective of a Leaf

You are all suspended in your
refusal to abandon the timeline.
When will it cease?
When thing stop ceasing?
When things stop ceasing?
When you burn all your fossils to ash,
when the leaves stop obeying the seasons,
when the hands of the clock fall off,
when sand stops flowing and begins to float,
when you shut space
into an impenetrable glass house,
when you manage to stop into the same river twice?
What you forget what twice is?
Time licks at the bars of the prison
door as it ferments like ruby skinned grapes.
Crush by gravity’s foot.
Waiting, biding time, biding itself,
while you continue to be
oblivious to it.
Stupid with it.


The Futility of Talking About Time from the Perspective of a Leaf, 2018

Performative Installation

Leaves, sand, clay, jute, metal chains, mortar and pestle, patience
A Foreign Affair exhibition, Helena van Doeverenplantsoen, The Hague